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Publishished: July 15th, 2012

The Truth About Male Enhancement

By, Joe Harmin

Editor: Joe Harmin

If you've ever looked at male enhancement before, you know there is more hype surrounding this supplement than any other.

Male enhancement companies use some of the most ridiculous marketing tactics one will ever see and believing anything they say almost become a laughing matter.

  • They claim things like "You'll grow 4 inches in 12 weeks" while other studies say it is impossible to grow no matter what you do short of surgery.

  • They use doctors to say how well you'll "gain" but never really say anything about legitimate results.

  • They all claim to be using the latest and greatest set of ingredients. Saying "this new root found in bla bla bla is men's solution to Viagra" and so on.

  • And let's not forget the testimonials. A quick search for male enhancement reveals better Photoshop work than one would see at an art collage.

However, there's also another side to male enhancement. And that's the side that keeps the industry going.

Yes the thought of growing ones male member for real is hard to believe. But if all of these products really did nothing at all, would there still be such a huge market for them?

Well here I wanted to get to the bottom of this.

The Truth About Male Enhancement

I wanted to find out if any of these products really did anything at all. Or, if the entire industry really is just one big scam.

To do this, I decided to find out who uses these (if anyone?) and what type of results one can REALLY achieve.

Here's what I did:

The first thing I wanted to do was find and talk to real users of these product. And, it was actually easier than I thought. As it turns out there are forums full of men who strongly believe in male enhancement supplements.

Though, they don't take them to get the "permanent gains" as most of these products proclaim. They actually take them to do other things. Many men take them to get and maintain harder erections during sex and also to reclaim their sex drive.

As far as guys who take them to get "permanent gains", most men in the forums know better than this. Though the guys looking for permanent gains do take these as they say the difference in erection size these supplements make is quite significant and some still believe it is permanent.

The reason they said they work? Well that's where the ingredients came in.

The ingredients in male enhancement supplements enable the body to utilize maximum blood flow to the penis. This is why they can give larger erections. The added sex drive comes from a natural testosterone boost caused by some of the other ingredients. This combined with increased blood flow supposedly creates a highly turned on man with a large erection to go with it... Instant sex machine? Well here's the ingredients they recommend the most:

The ingredients recommended most are:

L- Arginine
Tribulus Terrestris
Tonkat Ali
Ginko Biloba
Muira Puama

They said that as each of these will help, they have to be combined in a way where they don't conflict with one another. There is certain ratio that must be followed in order to maintain the effectiveness of each.

Which supplement did they recommend?

They recommended a few supplements that follow the ingredient formula above. The one most popular was one called "PHGH Rx" and this is the one I decided to try for myself.

What did I expect? Well I weren't exactly sure what to expect. The forums said this supplement leads to a massively increased sex drive and a much larger erection to go with it.

Here's what it was like:

What it was like taking a Male Enhancement Supplement

For my test drive of PHGH Rx, I decided to try it on a day where I would get to use it at full
force. So I waited for a night when my girlfriend was coming over and we would have a good amount time alone together.

Now, I'm not sure if your girl is like this, but when mine is in the mood I'm "not as much in the mood" as she is, it doesn't go over well.

So for me, I was hoping for the best with PHGH Rx. Here's what it was like.

I was quite surprised that about 2 hours after taking PHGH Rx I did feel noticeable effects.

As weird as this may sound, what I first experience was a more "manly" feeling. More energy, more confidence and I definitely felt my sex drive was up. I was in the mood more than usual - which was good.

Now, when it came down to it, it also went over quite well.

I was much more into it and that made me feel like I was performing better. Was I? Well, I had more motivated to go harder and longer and my girlfriend definitely noticed it. I didn't feel I had to just "get it over with quickly" as I sometimes do. I took more time and enjoyed it as there was no feeling I would lose interest as the arousal would go down.. so to say.

The sex lasted for a little over an hour - which for me was a perfect amount of time.

For erection size, there actually was a big difference. My erection was rock hard. At certain times, I felt like it was going to burst. Kind of like it couldn't get any bigger.

Overall, I can now tell why male enhancement supplements are so popular. They are not for guys who want to permanently grow their penises, they are meant for men who want better sex that they can enjoy more with a bigger erection.

Would I recommend them?

Oh yes. I never thought much of them until I tried them myself. But after experiencing the results, I am sold. I now use them when I want to be in the mood or just feel like I want to enjoy sex more. I don't take them regularly like some guys, I only take them before sex. But for me, they work great!

So, if you've ever thought about trying a male enhancement supplement, be it for, to get bigger erections, to have better sex, or even if you though it would help grow your penis permanently, I would recommend giving them a try. They work great. And, even If you were looking for the permanent size increase, I would still give them a try. Though they will not permanently grow your penis, the difference in size they make for your erection does make quite a difference - and the performance difference during sex.. is huge. This alone may make up for size.

Here's the supplements I was told work the best. The one I use is PHGH Rx.


Top Choice

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Visit Site


Top Choice PHGH Rx

This is the one I tried and the one I still take.

For me, it works great. When I take it, I am much more in the mood and it gives me a much larger erection.

The ingredients are the ones recommended on the forum as the ones that work the best. Though, I am not sure if it really is the best because I have not had the need to try other products.

So, if you're thinking about trying a male enhancement supplement, this is the one I would try first.

I found the best place to get it is online at their website where it can be picked up for $39.00.


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2nd Choice


Second Choice:

Another formula that is popular around the forums. I personally have not tried this one, but have heard many good things about it.

Though, if it's your first time trying a male enhancement product, I would still go with PHGH Rx.


3nd Choice


Third Choice:

A few guys told me to give this one a try and one day I'll check it out. I was told it also works great for the same effects as the top choice.



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